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Siolchara : Bonding Ritual

Síolchara: Celtic Bonding Ritual For Men

Ancient Celts are understood to have performed the "Anamchara", a ritual which ceremonially sealed a strong bond between friends. Anamchara means "soul friend" and it recognized the power of partnership. The 'Síolchara' (or "seed friend") is an enhancement of this ceremony designed to be shared by males. It celebrates the bond between typically two men in a way that proves deep, primal and intimate. The Síolchara is a ritual to express affection, express virility and share the masculine divine. Although it is intended for friends it can also be performed with lovers and life-partners and can be adapted for a group with some modifications.

Items needed:3 candles - all different colors
3 candle holders
1 large Chalice/Glass
2 smaller Chalices/Glasses
Table to serve as Altar
Black or brown leather or suede Altar covering
Small decanter of Wine (recommended wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Sauterne, Chianti)*
Small decanter of Cernunnos Oil (recipe below) or pure Mineral Oil *

(*See Ritual Notes below)

Gather the necessary items. Select three candle colors that when put together will symbolize unity. Each man can choose a color that represents him. The third candle needs to be of a shade that potentially unifies the two others. For instance, one candle may be blue and one red while the third candle will be purple - a unifying combination of the other two. One of the three chalices or glasses should be larger than the other two. The items you use are meant to convey ceremony and bonding. Place all of the items on the leather covered table which serves as the Altar.

The men disrobe and approach the Altar on the side that that their candle is located. It should be situated so that one man is located at the East and the other is located at the West. They greet each other with an embrace and kiss. Each man lights his candle. The third candle remains unlit and sits between the two others. As stated, if one candle is red and one is blue, then the purple candle is the unity candle. Together, the men speak the bonding vow:

We are men,
We are friend,
Be we mate,
Be we lover,
We now mingle our essence and
Are forever brothers...

Each man then picks up his burning candle and together they light the third candle.

Next perform the seeding act. The man located at the East then takes Cernunnos Oil and anoints the penis and testicles of his friend, using it to stroke and prime his mate to erection. If the ingredients of the Cernunnos Oil may cause skin irritation, pure Mineral Oil can be used. The man located at the West then does the same in reciprication to the other. The men directly facing each other begin masturbating - themselves and each other proceeding into a full session with the intention that each man's mounting pleasure will build and urge on the other's. The men may employ whatever special ways they have for self-pleasuring using methods chosen to assure that maximum-level orgasms are achieved and that as much semen as possible will be ejaculated. The men touch, caress and masturbate each other simultaneously to orgasm. Preferably, each man should reach climax as close together as possible (a further unifying aspect). Upon ejaculation, each man's semen is to be captured in the large chalice/glass then when as much of the men's semen is collected, the large chalice/glass is then placed on the Altar.

Next the bond drinking will be done. Pour an amount of the wine into each of the smaller chalices/glasses. Each man will then take one drink from his chalice/glass. They each will then pour what remains from their chalice/glass together into the large chalice/glass thus mixing the drink with their combined semen - again evoking unity. The men then take turns drinking from what may now be called the "Chalice of Unity" until the "seed-wine" is finished and they have consumed all the semen the chalice/glass contained. They then recite together a declaration of unity:

"By this act we are soul-bound
by the seed of each other -
We are Síolchara.
Our flames shine brightly but
burn hotter together than alone.
Because we have partaken of each other
we are now one with the other.
Give us unity, wisdom, strength and
the lifelong love of my brother".

The premise of seed-bonding serves not only to represent the connection between the men but to confirm virility, manly prowess and power between the two friends. The seed of each man strengthens and empowers the other. Through the taking of each others essence, the men become a part of the other. The life-giving power of semen becomes the gift. By sharing it, the men become 'Siolchara'. Each brother's essence becomes a part of his friend's and the bond is whole...

Ritual Notes:
Cernunnos Oil Recipe:
10 drops Musk oil
8 drops Orange oil
2 drops Sandalwood Oil
1/2 oz Sunflower oil 

Wine Selection:
The wines suggested for use; Sauvignon Blanc, Sauterne and Chianti - are believed to typically mix well with and compliment the flavor of most semen.

Submitted by: Corvus
Photos By: Wicum (top) Hotspring7 (bottom)

DISCLAIMER:It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations may be

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