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Mercuralia: The God Of Masturbation Is Honored

Mercuralia: The God Of Masturbation Is Honored

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Mercuralia is the celebration known also as the "Festival of Mercury". Mercury was thought to be the God of merchants and commerce as well as the patron of masturbation. On 15 May, merchants would sprinkle their heads, bodies, ships, merchandise and businesses with water taken from the well at Porta Capena. But some believe they would sprinkle themselves with another liquid as well.

The Greeks and Romans thought the god Mercury (Hermes) invented masturbation and taught it to his son Faunus (Pan). The Greeks called it thrypsis, "the rubbing," and in Latin it was known as masturatus. Obscure sources suggest that although not a part of the public proceedings, men would masturbate in honor of Mercury on this day because of the belief he was the creator of the act and that doing so would bring virility and sexual prowess. Given that May is now known as masturbation month, an auto-erotic experience could seem an appropriate Mercuralia observation. Here is a solitary observation in honor of Mercury on his day to assure copious semen...

Materials Needed:* A candle or candles (bright red or gold to represent colors associated with Mercury)
* Container of spring or purified water (to represent the liquid of purification)
* A small bough of laurel used to sprinkle
* A wooden bowl
* A small flask of pure, mineral oil
* Black Olives in offering to Mercury
* A quiet ritual space where you will not be disturbed

At sunset, begin by lighting the candle(s) and invoke Mercury by reciting:

Fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods, You make our eyes glaze afire,
O Desire, From thee we feel the flush in our eggs, down between our legs,
Great one, teach us to seize our hoary sleaze, with pleasure if you please,
Let us fill our fists by thee, And bring us all the way on your holy day,
In all your many faces, And your speedy paces, Come down from Mount Olympus,
Race across land and sea on winged feet, let us masturbate by thy way!...

Take the laurel branch and rub it against your genitals stimulating your penis and marking it with your scent saying:

Come of the spring and fill my testes with endless seed,
Come on your day and bring thy gift for us to know,
Come to me and bring life and lust to my phallus,
Come as I stand before you naked and erect,
Come bless my spunk and my spark"...

Pour spring water over the laurel branch and sprinkle it over your head, naked body, penis and testicles while meditating for Mercury to bring potency, strength and good fortune through the upcoming months. Place the olives in the wooden bowl and set them forth. They are gifts and are sacred to him. Begin full masturbation ritual in your favored way and length of time/method. Rub, massage, prime your penis and testicles with the mineral oil to full, maximum erection - working to assure you become as intensely hard as possible - an honor to Mercury. Proceed for as long as you wish to fully express yourself including extended "edging" if that is your desire, all the time using the oil. As you masturbate during your session, think on the power, importance and potency of the semen in your testes (which you are preparing to spill) for his blessing. During your session partake of your pre-cum - the delicious nectar - further feeding your desire. Take as long and employ whatever methods you choose to assure that you achieve ultimate stimulation. Upon orgasm, capture your semen in the wooden bowl ejaculating on and saturating the olives therein. Next, take the offering you are giving - the olives covered with your seed - in your hands, hold them up and say:

“This is my gift to you,
for you have given many gifts to me,
You have made my seed potent and much,
This symbolizes my pledge to you.”

Then consume the coated olives taking the energy and power back into your vessel. Drink of the spring water and say a prayer of thanks to Mercury for good fortune, bountiful water, virile and copious semen and for the gift of masturbation...

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