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Seed Celebration: La Fête de Semances Yule

Seed Celebration: La Fête de Semances Yule

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The Circle of Men celebrates Yuletide with a three part event called "La Fête de Semances Yule". The gathering is held around an evergreen tree - "The Sapin de Semances or Seed Tree" - that has been decorated with phallic symbols/ornaments (and sexual paraphenalia). It is a centerpiece of the celebration representing continuity, rebirth and virility.

Upon arrival each brother presents as their gift - a lambskin (condom) full of semen. The condoms were sent to each brother by invitation. The celebrants have been asked to fill their lambskin condom with as much semen as possible and tie it off with a red ribbon (provided) before bringing it to the celebration.

At the gathering - held actually on Yule - the lambskins are collected by the head celebrant (Host) known as the "Yule Master". After all have disrobed and greeted each other - a ceremonial greeting toast is given -

"Come brethren, come partake of that which is best...
Please Yule Lord feed us thy fertile strength at our happy fest"...
All share in a fruited Wassail which has as one of its key ingredients the Yule Master's urine (thus Piss Ale or Pissail). Given that urine is full pheremones, the drinking of the Master's urine symbolically binds the circle to him (a theme). The circle says:

"Pissail! pissail! drank it deep each fellow,
Our toast, it is lusty and our ale, it is yellow;
Our bowl it is made of ancient liquids three;
Give us rich drink, so we may thus seed for thee"...

Then each of the brother’s full lambskins are ceremoniously placed on the tree. In addition to the ornaments, the tree has also been hung with other full condoms that the Master has produced for the occasion. In the firelight of the Yule Log - the skins/condoms dangle heavily from the tree lasciviously glowing all luminous and pearlescent like intriguing, rubberesque drops. The men chant:

"O Seed tree, O Seed tree;
We've come to eat of thee;
To bear and to bow seed enow;
Mouths full, Bellies full,
Make us strong and lustful;
Life giving power full
Feed us from thy rich bounty"...

With this (and while the pissail is flowing) - the ‘Seed Tree’ ceremony begins. Each brother is called upon one at a time, to pick a lambskin from the tree - one of the ones brought by another of the brethren (red ribboned). The brother then opens the skin relishes the beauty and bounty of the seed/gift/semen inside - its fragrant (lust inducing) smell, fullness, thickness, lustrous quality, etc. - thereby paying compliment to the brother from which it issued. He is then given the ceremonial goblet into which the skin is emptied. The brother then drinks the semen from the Yule goblet. This increasingly arousing scenario is repeated through the circle with each brother until all the gifted skins are gone from the tree and each man has received the seed of another - although not knowing whose. This verse is then said by the group:

"Here's to thee, o Seed Tree,
That feeds well, that nourishes energy.
You've sated our thirst and
Made our bellies full,
Made us soul-strong and lust full,
An' all from thee...
O' sweet Seed Tree...
Hurrah! Hurrah"!...

In the next step all the men (who are by now clearly stimulated) are called upon to masturbate freely - themselves and each brother to each other - in earnest while the Yule Master brings forth the "Buche De Semances Yule". He then proceeds to remove the remaining condoms from the tree. The brothers in full arousal circle the table continuing to prime their penises. The Master ceremoniously opens each condom and one by one douses the Buche (which is made of absorbant sponge cake) with load after load after load of semen. As the Master completes the dousing (icing the yule cake, as it were) the brethren begin to reach climax and as they do, each moves forward to add his fresh semen to the increasingly soaked Buche. After all brothers have seeded the Yule cake (it should be completely coated) the circle chants:

"O Cernunnos - Hail to Thee
Reborn at Yule to set us free,
We give freely our seed of Man.
That ye may breed anew the land
Fill our loins with the eternal lust of thee
Hail Cernunnos - Blessed Be"...
The Buche de Semances Yule is cut and served to the brethren. Any remaining is shared as no seed is to be wasted.

Now in the spirit of celebratory abandon (on the longest night of the year) the brothers proceed to engage with each other sexually in Orgy. Saturnalia (associated with Yule) later came to actually mean orgy. The word "orgy" of course comes from the Greek "orgia" meaning "secret worship or veneration". The Yule Orgy is a joyous, long-night mingling of the brethren facilitated in what is the finale or climax of the event. The group coupling has no formal guidelines except respect of safety and mutual consent. In the group, the brothers are asked to explore role reversal in some way that means something to them and from which something can be learned i.e. - "top" becomes "bottom", "dom" becomes "sub", "foot master" becomes "foot slave", etc. This premise evokes Saturnalia from which some Yule traditions stim where slaves became masters for a day and vice versa. The only other stipulation is that each man strives to bring as much 'peace-giving' pleasure as possible to his fellows in the spirit of self-giving inherent in the way of Yule. The group coupling represents the ancient element of calling forth lust at Yule “for a fertile and peaceful season".

The premise of the “Seed Tree/Sapin de Semances” and “Yule Log of Sperm/Buche de Semances Yule” serves not only to bond the brotherhood of the circle but to invoke virility, manly prowess, power and the masculine divine for the coming year. The seed of each man strengthens and empowers his brothers. Through the taking of it, the circle becomes unified. The life-giving power of semen becomes the gift of Yule. By sharing it, the men become one with each other. Each brother's essence becomes a part of the others and the bond is whole...

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DISCLAIMER: It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations to protocols may be necessary.

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