Saturday, April 7, 2012


Celterotics: Ancient Cernunnos Finds Appeal With Male Neo-Celts

Modern men inspired by ancient Celtic ways are increasingly interested in applying the eros of Cernunnos, the ancient Celtic god of lust, fertility and renewal, to their contemporary lives. The appeal may be obvious given the notion that Cernunnic ideals are seen as physically charged and decidedly sexual but advocates claim there is a deeper element to evoking the ‘The Horned One”.

Cernunnicism is male-centric and focuses on men for men in a primarily Celtic context or mythos. Cernunnicism rather than focusing on the concept of polarity in nature, which assumes that expression exists fundamentally between a man and a woman, fosters the idea that strength lies within the communion of men and celebrates the unique magic possible between men. It holds that the real universal essence is that produced by the male.

Cernunnists freely embrace male sexual expression. Eroticism is a part of personal development and is enjoyed instead of shunned as in other beliefs. Sexualism is seen as leading to a holistic spirituality. Practitioners accept sexual mysticism as a key element and seek to continually develop their sexo-spiritual power.

Focusing on what has been called, the ‘Masculine Divine’, Cernunnicism is for men be they straight, bi-sexual or gay. Although the premise has found appeal with some men who identify as gay, the concept is about the male and does not focus on orientation. It concentrates on the core ideas of masculine power and essence leading to sexual and spiritual enhancement…

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