Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Arousal of Min

The Arousal Of Min: Ancient Time of Mesore Celebrates The Egyptian God Of Sexual Potency

In ancient Egyptian culture, this time celebrates the Emergence of Min - the love neter - the most beloved emanation of Amun the Creator.

Min’s headdress of tall double plumes and his large erect phallus proclaim his prowess as the principle of generative energy, fertility/virility and the masculine divine. God of male fertility and protector of mines and agriculture, he is master of the routes of the oriental desert and his principal places of worship were Akhmin and Qeft.

Min was associated with Pan (phallically) by the Greeks. In lore he is shown typically as a standing male figure with an very erect penis wearing a narrow sheath and raising his right hand to hold the flail while the left hand is either holding his erection or hidden under his garment. Some works show both hands holding his penis. In this imaging, by his connective association with Pan and through the evidence that one of his symbols/offerings was a long lettuce which had a sap similar to semen, he his thought to portray - and thus serve as patron of - masturbation. The lettuce was regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and huge bunches of its leaves were ritually eaten in Min’s honor at festival time (other days as well) in the hope that increased stamina and potency would result. Men would ingest as much of the sap as possible, partaking in hopes that Min would honor them with copious amounts of semen, powerful erections and great sexual skill.

He appeared in pre-dynastic times. Sometimes referred to as son of Isis and also as her consort and father of Horus and primeval creator god manifestation of Amun. The festival of Min was held to ensure potency thus associated with fertility important to this time of Mesore. This period is a critically important time of calculation and preparation for the annual Nile flood and each year a week of mystery rites is enacted, leading to the major time marker of the Summer Solstice.

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