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Lusty at Love: Lottery Ceremony Pairs Mates For Lu...

Lusty at Love: Lottery Ceremony Pairs Mates For Lupercalia On Valentine's

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In Ancient Rome, Lupercalia, observed February 13 through 15, was a festival where rites associated with fertility were performed. Lupercalia was originally local to the city of Rome. The more general Festival of Juno Februa was celebrated on February 13-14. Gods typically believed to be associated with Lupercalia variously may include: Faunus (Pan), Lupercus, Juno or Romulus & Remus. Cupid (Eros) is typically more associated with the later manifestation know as Valentines Day.

One special feature of the festivities was the practice some call the "Love Lottery". Celebrated on the eve of the Lupercalia (February 14th on the Roman calendar) this event is believed to have been in honor of Juno Februata, queen of the Roman gods. During this particular ceremony, names of single people (typically female) were written down and placed in urns or jars. Another single (typically male) would then be assisted in drawing a name. The two would be paired, forming a temporary liaison - for dancing, merry making and erotic games and activities at feasts and parties throughout the festival. After the celebrations they could remain partners for the rest of the year which sometimes resulted in longer-term relationships. In a modern reinactment for men, the Jack Valentine's Lottery celebration mixes ancient evocations with contemporary aspects.

Felix Lupercaliæ vobis!!! 

Items Needed: 
2 pedastals
2 urns – one white/one red
2 small goatskins/chamois/hides
Goatskin bag
Glass or ceramic bowls for each couple
Larger glass/ceramic bowl for collection
Ornamental metal spoon
Each man brings a sexual gift – something which can be used in masturbation
Red papers for each mans number, designation and narrative note
Lubricants (made available)
A small table to collect the gifts
Chairs if desired
Red wines such as sweet Zinfandel, Sherries, Ports (suitable for chocolates)
Chocolates and sweet refreshments

The Lottery celebration can be set for the 13th or 14th of February. It is best done on Valentine's Day. This celebration is the first of two events.

The Lottery event requires a group of between 10 and 20 men. The Circle Leader hosts the Lottery gathering and is known in the event as Jack Valentine after the folkloric character of the same name although his aspect here is of a far more prurient nature. He is naked except for a loincloth made of goatskin. The brothers are asked to attend in Roman-themed attire, i.e. – toga, tunics, loincloths, gladiatorial or centurion garb, sandals, leather, etc.

Each brother is asked to bring a gift which is masturbatory in nature, i.e. - jackers, strokers, toys, lubricants, massagers, vibrators, dildos (a roman favorite), plugs, prostate devices etc. One gift is needed for each brother attending. They can be simple or elaborate and you may choose to set a price range.

As each brother enters, he hands his wrapped gift to Jack Valentine who numbers it and adds either an “R” designation or a” W” designation to the tag. Jack then, gives the brother who brought the gift a square of paper with the corresponding number tag. The brother writes down one sexua fact or desire about himself (preferably masturbatory in nature) and then folds the paper and throws it in a goatskin bag. This is an excellent device for the brothers to learn about each other. Jack assures that there is an equal number of “R” designations and “W” designations.
When the gift exchange starts, Jack draws a piece of paper and reads the little known fact to the Circle but does not mention the package number. The brother to guess who it is first is given the package with the corresponding number. Once someone guesses correctly they are out of the exchange. The gifting continues till there is one gift left, which becomes the ‘love gift’ for Jack who has graciously facilitated the Lottery gathering.

Jack them recites:

In olden days of Roman ways
Conceiving that beauty with time sways
Worshippers lined up along the wintry street
To be whipped by naked boys in bare feet
At Lupercal’s erotic charades

In olden days of memory’s face
Luperci ran a wild and rampant race
Til Gelasius banned these crusades
Yet ancient carnal desire still parades
At Lupercal’s erotic charades

In olden days the Gods be praised
The chance for pleasure a lottery pays
Of lustful actions that stain the sheets
Good fertile fortune by goatskin beats
At Lupercal’s erotic charades…

The men will be divided equally into two “Luperci” - red & white - based from the number and tag designation they received at the gifting. Two urns have been placed at Circle center - one red, one white. They sit each on a pedestal that is draped in a goatskin or chamois. The men who were designated with an” R” have their names placed in the Red urn and those designated with a “W” are placed in the White Urn. The number of men should be evenly divided between the urns.

Jack then draws a name each from the Red urn and the White urn. The men whose names are drawn are paired as a couple in a reinactment of the Lottery.

Jack then says:

For blood is red, and seed is white
May your cum be potent, please coax it right,

Thou are now partnered by Cupid each to thine,
Two names matched by chance at Valentines

The lot is now cast by my hand I drew
Fortune has said the lusty pairs be you.

Proceed to know thy cocks each one
Pleasure thy mates prick ‘til his nectar is won

The men are then told by Jack that they are to pair off as coupled by the lottery drawing and masturbate each other with these caveats; 1) they must use the device or item they were gifted earlier on their partner to bring him to orgasm, 2) they must employ (as possible) the sexual fact or desire their partner expressed earlier within their action, 3) they must dedicate to create an intensely erotic experience both aesthetically and interpersonally for each other.

They are told as well, that they must collect their ejaculate upon orgasm in a bowl provided for later purposes in the Lupercalia ritual.

Jack then invites the men to disrobe telling them that they may remain partially costumed to the degree that it enhances erotic appeal or makes them feel more sexual. For instance, those who have on leather pieces may choose to maintain that persona, etc.

He bids the men to enter what for purposes of the ceremony he calls the symbolic “Lupercale” comparing it to the term “Batehole” in which the notion of becoming lost in masturbation, where the outside is locked out and only the penis - its pleasure and glorification and the acquisition of coveted semen are central in thought and action. He compares it allegorically to the Lupercale, the cave where Romulus and Remus were reared into virile men presenting that they as growing males, learned to spill seed there inspired by Faunus and later founded Rome saying:

Our masturbation is governed,
By the goat-God of nature,
Who invented it and teaches us,
It is an expression of him,
Because it belongs to him,
Our actions are of him,
We conjure him in our bodies,
We summon him in our loins,
Our masturbation is a way of loving him,
We seek the eternal truth of life seed,
Holed in the cave's deepest reaches,
Safe from the outside, free from harm,
Lupa gave milk to nourish virility,
Faunus showed the way of expression,
We return the gift with our own essence...
The men begin masturbating each other proceeding into full session.They may proceed singly with one of the partners being manipulated at a time or they can act mutually/simultaneously on each other. The intention is that each man's mounting pleasure will build and urge on his partner. The men are to employ whatever special ways they have for penis pleasuring, experimenting and using a variety of methods to please their partner implementing creatively what the brother has revealed about himself earlier. Purposeful to the act is the use of the implements received. The men touch, caress and stroke (no oral) but the actual bulk of the masturbation and the orgasm itself must be achieved by employing the gift and implementing the man's desire as a symbol of sharing for the partner.

As the men proceed, Jack comes to each couple and using the device that was gifted to him, participates for a time in masturbating them. He may kiss, fondle, caress or orally manipulate each man as well but will not do so to the point of bringing them to orgasm. His goal is to participate in “edging” them and assist the men by eroticizing their experience. He rubs his penis on them and if he is leaky, he blesses them with his precum.

All action during the couplings is intended to assure that maximum-intensity orgasms are achieved for each man and that as much semen as possible will be ejaculated and collected. Upon ejaculation, each man's semen is captured in the glass/ceramic bowl provided to each couple.

When all couples have achieved orgasm and have collected their semen, Jack comes to each one and with the spoon mixes their semen then feeds a taste of it to each man. He takes their bowl and returns it to the table where the gifts were originally located. He repeats this action with each couple moving deosil around the circle until all the semen has been gathered .

He then proceeds to harvest all the semen from the couples’ bowls into the larger ceremonial container reserved for this purpose. He ceremoniously mixes the collection of semen from all the men until it is well blended and tells the Circle that their fluid will be purposed in the next night’s Lupercalia ritual. Holding the bowl up to them, he closes the ceremony saying:

The wolves with flared nostrils
Smell into the night air,
Breathing Lupercus deeply,
And Faunus’ come from his lair

They yearn to know Rome’s brothers
Masculine examples both bold and fair
They seek for lifeblood and semen,
The great fluids laid bare

At Lupercal we feed them
The nourishment they desire
To be granted strength and health
And to stoke our lust afire

The ceremony is closed and all the men are served a red wine such as Zinfandel, Muscat Sherry or Amarone with chocolates and sweet refreshments.

The festivities continue (see second part)…

Submitted by: Bhàlantainus of Suffolk

DISCLAIMER: It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations to protocols may be necessary.

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