Saturday, April 7, 2012

Signposts to Eros: The Inspiration Of Prick

Signposts to Eros: The Inspiration Of Prick

With gratitude we share these images of sexo-spiritual inspiration by and of our brother in erotic practice - Prick. With his support and permission these images had to be included here as they are exquisite representations of the real ethos of Cernunnos Circle. They should serve as inspiration and instruments of arousal to all who enter this place...

"I am a man that strives to live his life simply and humbly. The pursuits that drive and empower me are the same traits we are all born with. The gifts of the senses are our greatest assets. To awaken and hone these birthrights into all consuming experiences to be reveled in is truly a gift of the Gods. Learning and practicing the art of carrying that same energy into my day to day existence has been a gift to myself. Life is delicious if we let ourselves sample the fare. I try to keep my attitude based in spirit. It can be a challenge in our hurry up and wait world, but it is the foundation that all our joy and bliss is built upon. Prayer, meditation, and a daily erotic practice based in Tantra are all part of staying in an open heart space. It has allowed me to experience people, places, and things, as they are when they are in front of me." ~ Prick

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"Train yourself never to put off the image of sexual inspiration and imprint it with gratitude in your eros like a sigil to arouse greater devotion and desire for communion of body and soul" ~ Bráthair

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