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Eat The God: Cernunnos Salad Is A Potent Mix

Eat The God: Cernunnos Salad Is A Potent Mix

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"Sacred Sun... Move your Garden! Shades of One, since forgotten" ~ Dead Can Dance 

In the celebration of Cernunnos, it is often realized that his hoary essence is present to stimulate us in the least and sometimes most unexpected of things. The following recipe lets us partake of the Horned One with a nourishment which can call forth his potency. It has as its main ingredient dandelion greens which are known to be tonic and restorative. They are a general stimulant to the body but especially for the genitalia to which they are believed to impart health and vigor. Based upon the similarity of dandelion juice to human ejaculate and the resemblance the spiked leaves of the plant often have in shape to antlers or horns, it was historically believed that it was of the God and that its milky secretion was representative of his semen. It was known to magically (and perhaps literally) promote the flow of sperm. The greens themselves were thought to impart sexual vitality. The virile aspect of the recipe is further enhanced and personalized when dressed with a delectable concoction made of the male essence. You may find this healthy dish worthy of serving as a part of your ritual/celebratory fests.

"Who will feast with me? From my loins comes the yield of Heaven, The universe is eager like the sun, The blossomed flower is full and strong.

Who will sup from me? From my loins comes the fertile gift, The forest sees me spring forth,The field evidences my potent seed" ~ Draedus

Cernunnos Salad
• One large bunch of fresh dandelion greens, cleaned and dried
• One half bunch of Romaine lettuce
• Two small apples, cut into ¼ inch sections, married with lime juice
• One large beefsteak tomato
• One half large white onion
• One whole bunch fresh mint, chopped
• Extra lime juice
• One pinch dried basil
• One pinch dried oregano
• ¼ cup lightly toasted almonds, pecans, walnuts or pine nuts
• One Tbsp fresh Semen
• Three Tbsps extra virgin olive oil
• Black pepper to taste
• Parmesan cheese to taste
(Optional - One cup soft tofu (cut into one and a half inch cubes, sliced again in the center and marinated for one hour in the refridgerator, with balsamic vinegar, and one inch of ginger root smashed)

Directions: First, toss dandelion greens, Romaine lettuce, apples, tomato, onion, mint in large salad bowl. Mix in the olive oil, lime juice and semen. Sprinkle in basil and oregano. Mix thoroughly. Plate. Add nuts as a garnish. Add black pepper and parmesan cheese to taste. Collect the dandelion leaves before they flower. Wash well before using. They are completely edible, like orchid flowers.

Things forgotten or taken for granted may impart benefit and can be erotically delicious. Thanks be the God!…

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