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Solitude Day - Masturbation Is The Perfect Observa...

Solitude Day - Masturbation Is The Perfect Observation

"Masturbation is governed by the goat-God of nature, who invented it, and is an expression of him…Because it belongs to a God, the activity is mimetic to the God, conjuring him and summoning him in the concrete body. Masturbation is a way of enacting Pan.” ~ James Hillman 

The 26th of March, in some Pagan calendars is known as "Solitude Day". Modern sexo-spiritualists and Phallicists may choose to observe this day with sessions of masturbation in exploration of self-sexuality - invoking virility, the power of the penis and celebrating semen as life-seed in appreciation at this time of Spring.

This may be evidenced by ritualized masturbation, veneration of the act, veneration of the penis itself and appreciation/celebration of the semen. For some it can include lengthy endeavors devotees call "bate sessions" or the endurance practices known as "edging" by which effort is made to prolong arousal and sensation while delaying orgasm. These efforts may also including the "milking" and ingestion of seminal excretions (leaking) or "pre-cum" in an effort to experience and glorify the sacred fluid. Also a state referred to as "gooning" can be induced where the participant (typically male) may proceed into a trance-like state of masturbatory bliss, abandon and primal sexual expression.

Upon orgasm, some celebrants wish to consecrate a ritual tool or use the semen toward some spell, working or magickal purpose. Many consume it with a prayer, drawing the energy back into the body. Ingestion of the ejaculate can serve as a eucharistic experience or communion with and of the masculine divine.

In phallicism, worship of the power aspect inherent in the penis has often been celebrated with acts of ejaculation. Important forms of sexual rituals are those in which ejaculation is believed to promote fertility/virility, those that release a flood of creative energy by breaking boundaries and by returning a culture, people or persons to a state of primeval and powerful chaos or those in which sexual release symbolizes the invocation of the Divine (e.g., alchemy or Tantrism, a Hindu esoteric meditation system).

In other traditions objects of adoration are representations of the penis (e.g., the phallus borne in Dionysian processions in Greece and Rome; the male lingam in India) or deities with prominent genitals (e.g., Priapus in Greece). In these instances, the powers of creativity that the sexual organ represents are worshiped as well.

Solitude day is meant as a day of reflection and self-awareness - by virtue of its intent, the solitary act is a fitting form of celebration.

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