Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silver Chalice Day: Bonding In the Name of The Hor...

Silver Chalice Day: Bonding In the Name of The Horned One

Today is Silver Chalice Day celebrated in some Neo-paganist and Wiccan traditions.

Friends and brothers may gather to rejoice and share a traditional silver chalice of wine consecrated by the circle in the name the Horned God.

The Moon is considered favorable for handfastings, bondings, wiccanings and sexo-spititual affirmations during the Gemini month of late May through June.

Male circles may celebrate this day with seed sharing amongst their brethren. The circle joins in a vigorous session of mutual masturbation which offers bonding brother to brother. Each male then spills his essence into the chalice consectrating the wine.

A blessing is given to the Horned One by each man who then partakes of the elixir of his brethren...

image courtesy: Mikel Marton

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