Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The ebb and flow

One of the last posts was about how I was approached by a few people in a short time to reestablish the group. I have stayed in contact with both of those individuals. We had a great ceremony together. But schedules conflicted and got in the way, I moved, started a new business and started to reestablish myself in my new community.

A pagan man can only go so long without a spiritual outlet!!! I have been working on compiling my Book of Hernes. It's a collection of rituals, some here, some new, and some reference materials I like to keep track of. The signatures are printed and ready to be bound in a great piece of leather. Leather that has sacred seed seeped into it. A perfect compliment to the contents of the book. Each step of the binding process brings me closer to my own path, one of teaching, guiding and helping break down walls. I have tried to find other groups online that share some of my interests. Though I have found some phallic worshippers, some gay satanists and some seed worshippers, I have yet to find a like minded group that blends like the Circle always did.

The Circle of Hernes is about opening doors to our inner, sexual selves. It's about pagan worship and practice, living every day to its fullest. It's not satanism, wiccan, pagan, druidry, christian, jewish, catholic, muslim or hindu. And yet it is all of those. It's an understanding that all beliefs have a place in the world. It's about Brotherhood with all men, regardless of age, race, creed, body, or orientation. It is DEFINITELY a bit discomforting for those who lead their lives in fear of societal retribution.

The Circle is not one gigantic, disease filled orgy. Steps are always taken to create a safer environment. However, we must recognize we have brethren that are affected by HIV. Should we eliminate their chance of worshipping with us? GODS NO! They deserve our compassion, our trust and our energy to help them along just like we need their experience, energy and knowledge to assist us.

So in effect, I am working on rebuilding a circle in my new location. Happy thoughts to all. Please contact me if interested in forming your own circle. I've done it a few times over as everyone can tell by my posts. LOL

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A revival?

It is sometimes strange to Me how the universe works. The hardest lesson of all is to let go and let it do its work so that We as Men can benefit. Yes, We can always assist it or battle against it, but it will ultimately drive us.

That being said, there has been a resurgent interest in the group reforming. I had tried to reform it last year to little success as most of the men interested all wanted it to be some sexual hoorah and party scene with little interest in the divine aspect of Our masculinity.

Yet, this past weekend, an individual showed great interest. While bouncing emails back and forth, We found that We view the sacred in the same way, a growth opportunity for the pagan, a bonding of Men, and NOT completely focused on "getting off".

Recently, a bi pagan has also come into My circle with His pantheon and practices which would be very complimentary as well. I mentioned the group, He read the rituals and is interested as well as being dedicated to assisting Me with the formation and management of a new group.

Two in one week? Did the universe need to shout? It amuses Me when things fall into place like that. So if the "email buddy" turns out to be truly interested after our in depth discussion, hopefully this Friday, then that's 3, the trinity and a good way to start. Here's hoping as Los Angeles truly needs a brotherhood/pagan group with a focus on open spirituality, open sharing and growth...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beannachtai Bealtaine!!!

Good Bealtaine to all

Bealtaine is one of eight solar Sabbats. It has long been celebrated with varied feasts and rituals and is one festival among many worldwide which recognizes this time of year. The name means "Fire of Bel". As spring turns into summer, and the plant and animal world blossom and reproduce, a hopeful feeling emerged among the ancients. In old Celtic traditions, it was a time of of unabashed sexual freedom. Handfastings of a year and a day could be undertaken at this time. Given knowledge of Celtic sexuality, it is speculated by some that erotic expression at Beltaine may also have included bondings not simply seen as "heterosexual" today.

Belenos (Bel, Belenus, Belinos) is one of the most ancient and widely worshiped of the Celtic deities and was generally associated with pastoralism, virilism and fertility. He is celebrated at the great fire festival, Beltaine (Beltane, Beltine) head on May 1 where his coronation is observed. He heralds the beginning of warmer weather, the blossoming of flora, birth of fauna, love and erotic expression and brings on an exuberant mood among his celebrants. 

It was a festival involving fire and its associated puritive qualities seen in many aspects and elements of the observation often leading people of later times to identify Bel as a solar deity. In the past, young people would spend the entire night in the woods “A-Maying,” and then dance around the phallic Maypole the next morning. Older married couples were allowed to remove their wedding rings (and the restrictions they imply) for this one night. May morning is a magickal time for wild water - dew (from Hawthorn trees particularly), flowing streams and springs) may be collected and used to bathe in for beauty or to drink for health. The May pole was a focal point of the old village rituals. Many people would rise at the first light of dawn to go outdoors and gather flowers and branches to decorate their homes. People traditionally would braid flowers into their hair. Men and women alike would decorate their often scantily clad bodies.
Beltaine marks the return of vitality, virility, fertility and passion and in many ways is a time representative of the male aspect - the God. Pagan traditions say that Beltaine recognizes the emergence of the young God into manhood. Stirred by the energies at work in nature, he desires the Goddess. They fall in love, lie among the grasses and blossoms - and unite. The Goddess becomes pregnant of the God and to celebrate, a wedding feast was prepared. Modern interpretations may see it as a time for both the male and female aspect within each person to be celebrated and joined in unity…

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Chapter for The Brotherhood

About a year ago, the Circle of Hernes stopped recruiting and ended it's time as a group of men to join in brotherhood. After taking a year off, I'm happy to be opening it back up and looking for new guys who'd like to form the new Brotherhood. With the loss of one of my fellow organizers, I will also be looking for other group leaders to help with coordination and planning. Some of the old rituals we used to do are linked below, and many thanks to Cernunnos Circle for such amazing inspiration, and good times. All interested men in the Los Angeles/SoCal area, send me an email and I will discuss with you further... Many thanks from the Circle Leader, Trent.

Sacred Stimulation

Sacred Stimulation: Spreagadh Cernunnos

Courtesy of

The ceremony called the "Stimulation Of Cernunnos" or "Spreagadh Cernunnos" is used as an initiation or gifting event. It may also be called "Cernunnos Stimulatos". Shared here is the physical part of the ceremony which may be performed in addition to any formal ritual.

The ceremony is facilitated by the Spreagadh (Stim) Master. The initiate is placed spread on a suspension (such as a sling) which when fixed represents man’s desired place in the universe - centered in balance. The use of this device also is intended to allow full access to the initiates body as needed to perform the physical parts of the ceremony. His placement may require light restraints to assist with secure positioning. Members of the circle (10 brothers are required) are positioned at the initiates erogenous centers thusly:

One at each of his hands
One at his mouth
One at each of his nipples
One at his penis
One at his testicles/scrotum
One at his anus
One at each of his feet

*Those at his hands may either orally stimulate them or offer their penises to his hands for stroking or both alternately
*The one at his mouth stimulates it orally/manually/other
*Those at his nipples stimulate them orally/manually
*There are three brethren at the center of his body symbolizing the triad in form and are responsible for the highest stimulation. The Master is located at his penis. The next two most experienced are located one on his scrotum and one at his anus.
- the penis is stimulated orally/manually
- the testicles/scrotum are stimulated orally/manually
- the anus is stimulated orally/manually
*Those at his feet stimulate them orally/manually

Once commenced, all brethren proceed to stimulate the seeker simultaneously building in intensity over an extended period. The Circle's efforts are intended to ultimately bring the initiates arousal to such a ‘nirvanal’ state as to produce a level of orgasm so deep, the initiate will be bonded uniquely to the brethren who have facilitated this great gift him - the orgasm of Cernunnos. The intent is to "edge" him to an almost “unbearable” point thus symbolically forcing him to endure then reach “petit morte” (as it were) thus being reborn through orgasm in Cernunnos.

Upon the initiate's orgasm, The Master receives his semen in mouth then orally feeds it to each of the brethren of the circle thereby nourishing them all with his seed. It is desired that each of the brethren then ingest the initiate’s semen thereby eternally “seed bonding’ them with the new brother wherein his essence becomes a part of them.

For circles that cannot or do not support ingestion the Master may capture the semen in his left hand. He should smell it to show respect for its potency, then with his middle left finger mark his face with the it. He then proceeds to present the semen to the brethren one by one who smell it and are then marked in the same fashion by the Master thereby seeding them with the essence of the new brother and thus that of Cernunnos...

Submitted by: Draedus

DISCLAIMER: It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations to protocols may be necessary.

Solitary Celebration: Simple Male Ritual For "Litt...

Solitary Celebration: Simple Male Ritual For "Little Yule"

Courtesy of

This is a solitary experience recognizing "Little Yule" - the sharing of light that marks the beginning of the Yule season. The tradition of putting candles in windows to welcome holiday travelers comes from this time. However, this celebration enables men to bring light forth from the erotic core of themselves, affording Cernunnos' gifts of pleasure, peace and virility in preparation for a happy Yule...

Materials Needed:
* Dirt from the land you live on (to represent the Earth)
* A candle (bright yellow to represent fire, and the sun)
* Flask of water (to represent the liquid of life)
* Incense (to represent air. Any scent you feel is appropriate will do but one that is of the season is desired)
* A small evergreen branch to identify the season and symbolize the eternal
* A beautiful, special wooden bowl
* A small flask of pure, mineral oil
* A small offering to the Reborn Cernunnos - a piece of cloth made from natural fiber - cotton, wool, linen, silk - which has been previously stained/marked with your semen
* A quiet ritual space where you will not be disturbed

Additional materials, such as pinecones, antlers, pieces of leather, cockrings, an article of clothing marked with your genital scent (your crotch sweat - full of pheromones) to identify you, flowers, phallic symbols, holly, etc. are to be added to the ritual space to create a composite seasonal and erotic tableau. It is up to the individual to choose items which are special or significant. Some brothers may have many things around them, that have special meaning, but this is meant to be a very, simple ritual.

The elements and materials are to be set forth on a small table, a tree stump (a good choice) or the ground. Cover the area with a cloth that you only use for ritual to help put you in the right frame of mind. It should be one that also has been stained and consecrated with semen (yours, that of brethren or both) - reinforcing the presence of life as well as marking and scenting the space with the aroma and essence of man seed. Place on your surface the Earth element in the North, the Air in the East, the Fire in the South and the Water in the East. Try to place them so that you can reach each of them easily from one position. Ceremoniously and conciously disrobe baring your body before the space and elements then begin as so...

Light the Fire candle and meditate on what Yule means to you.

After meditating, pick up the bowl of Dirt and say, “I am of this Earth, forever linked to the Gods.” Draw a circle pierced by an arrow pointing upward in the dirt. Replace.

Next pick up the Incense, with it say, “This is the breath of the Gods, which gives me life.” Replace.

Picking up the candle, say, “This is the Flame that warms our heart, just as the love of Cernunnos warms our souls.” Replace.

Pick up the Water and say, “This the ever-changing waters that nourishes life, without which we would not be.” Replace. 

Pick up the gift and say "This is the gift of my essence by which promise is made to receive your strength and go forth in peace".

Chant:O cum of the winter night and fill our souls with dreams of light
O cum through the falling snow and bring us your fertile seed for us to know
O cum for the sleeping man and bring him new life and lust from Summerland
I stand between The Light and Dark waiting for thy blessed spunk - the newborn spark

Next take the evergreen branch and rub it against your increasingly aroused penis and on/against your testicles/scrotum. Next, rub, massage, prime your penis and testicles with the mineral oil to full, maximum erection - working to assure you become as intensely hard as possible. Proceed forth into a full masturbation session - in whatever is your special way and for as long as you wish to fully express yourself including extended "edging/priming" if that is your desire or way all the time using the oil. As you masturbate during your session, think on the rebirth, and the lengthening days that follow the Winter Solstice and the importance of the churning semen in your testicles (which you are preparing to spill) as the seed of Cernunnos. During your session, taste your pre-cum - the delicious nectar-gift - at least once, more as possible. Say from your heart what is your desire at this time. Take as long and employ whatever methods you choose to assure that you achieve a maximum-level orgasm. Upon ejaculation, capture your semen working (depending on how you shoot) to get as much as possible into the special wooden bowl.

Next, take the offering you are giving - the bowl filled with your cum - up in your hands, hold it to the sky and say, “This is my gift to you, for you have given many gifts to me. This symbolizes my pledge to you.” Then hold the offering to the ground and say "I offer my fresh seed to warm the way for thee, feeding thy rebirth as you fill me with strength and desire".

Now for the closing of your ritual. Take up the Earth again, saying, “Thank you for watching over my rite.” Pour the dirt back onto the ground. Say the "thank you" for each of the elements. Pour the water out onto the ground as well. Take the gift, set it afire with the candle and let it burn to completion on the ground. Take your semen offering, first drinking a portion of it from the bowl re-nourishing yourself with Cernunnos' seed and then pour the remainder on the soil (preferably surrounding a favored tree or plant near the roots). Place the incense over the whole offering, and leave it to burn itself out. Take the candle and place in a window. Let it burn all the way out. (Be safe.)

Spend the rest of your time aware of the significance of the day. This ritual represents a living, vibrant way, always growing and expanding. Blessed Be...

Submitted by: Draedus
Bottom image courtesy: Denis

Seven Orgasms For Saturnalia: Daily Erotic Observa...

Seven Orgasms For Saturnalia: Daily Erotic Observations

Courtesy of

These are solitary observations recognizing each of the seven days (for the seven rings) of Saturnalia. The tradition of experiencing that which may not be common is inherent in the observation of this festival time. These self-explorations attempt to bring men awareness of all their erotic centers. Through masturbation, the solo-sexual focus is different for each day beginning on December 17 and running through December 23.

Bathe and groom before starting each session. Do not use items such as deodorant, grooming or toiletry items, etc. at this time..

Say before each session:

Behold the gifts of Saturn!
Behold how pleasure can transform,
And make us see how our blessed parts,
May produce the fruit that satisfies our hearts,
I come now to taste the fragrant fruit...

Behold the gifts of Saturn!
I partake of each pleasure first myself, then for others,
To share my special gifts with my mates and brothers,
For that's the way of Saturn's Golden Age,
It changes ways and frees the slave from the cage,

Let me enjoy thy pleasure till my desire is slaked.
I promise to honor thee with the seed my lust maked,
Behold the gifts of Saturn!

Your self stimulation and masturbation session should focus on the particular as a part of the whole. Stretch your usual routine to relish and "worship" each body part - exploring and challenging yourself. Proceed forth into a full masturbation session for as long as you wish to fully express yourself but focusing on the particular erogenous area for that day. Take as long and employ whatever methods you choose to achieve the self awareness necessary to reach a powerful orgasm.

The 7-day sequence is as follows:

Dec 17: Mouth - Wash mouth assuring it is clean. Rub, probe, taste, bite and otherwise
stimulate your mouth during masturbation. Mark mouth with semen upon ejaculation - tasting and swallowing as desired - kiss the door of your abode as a gift then leave remainder untouched on mouth as long as possible afterwards.

Dec 18: Hands - Manicure and groom. Massage, lick, suck fingers, include specific attention and concentration on hands - taking note of their look, strength, muscles, tendons and allure while stroking your penis - during masturbation. After ejaculation completely cover hands by coating with semen - mark an important wall in your abode with a semen handprint as a gift - leave semen untouched remaining on your hands to dry as long as possible afterwards.

Dec 19: Feet - Pedicure and groom. Massage, lick, suck, include foot worship/adoration focusing on - their look, strength, smell, muscles, tendons, shape, size, allure - during masturbation. After ejaculation completely cover feet with semen - leave a semen-coated footprint on the floor of your abode - leave semen untouched remaining on your feet to dry afterwards.

Dec 20: Nipples - Massage, stimulate (mechanically or with devices if desired) - focusing on their look, texture, color, sensation - including full nipple play during masturbation. After ejaculation coat nipples completely by massaging them completely with semen - leave semen untouched on your nipples to dry afterwards.

Dec 21: Anus -(the 21st is Solstice/Yule) Groom and wash (as customary and shave if desired) respecting the enlightenment that is received from within the democratic power of the anus - the core of man. Massage, probe the rings, dildo or manually stimulate anus fully focusing on its warmth, sensitivity, pleasure-giving power - during masturbation. After ejaculation coat anus and surrounding perineal area with semen including probing it inside your hole - leave semen untouched in and on your anus to dry afterwards.

Dec 22: Testicles - Groom (shave if desired). Massage, rub, stretch, tease - focusing on their unique shape, sensitivity, semen-filled potential (visualize the semen churning inside) - and otherwise fully stimulate during masturbation. After ejaculation coat scrotum completely with semen - leave semen untouched on your scrotum to dry afterwards.

Dec 23: Penis - Groom (trim hair if desired). Rub, massage and provide specific or special attention and intense stimulation to your penis - focus on its hardness, veins, throbbing. Pay special attention to your glans and meatus - during session. Employ different methods or devices. After ejaculation coat penis with semen completely glans to base - leave semen untouched on your penis to dry afterwards .

Upon completion of each session the celebrant says:

"May we always know thy pleasure to share."
"For we always hunger for more!"
"Bona Saturnalia!"
It is desired to proceed through the rest of each day or night with your semen remaining on your person as described. The smell of dried semen is a tremendous aphrodisiac to many men. Go to work with the remains of your cum on your chest or feet. Go out to the pub with its essence remaining on your hands and lips or emanating from your crotch. Its pheromones should permeate you radiating outward for others to sense. If so and others are drawn to you - greet all cummers with "Bona Saturnalia!"...


Submitted by: Ciaran Oz
Bottom image courtesy: jim1383