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Mardi Gras Mysteries: "Masque de la Mobile" Ceremo...

Mardi Gras Mysteries: "Masque de la Mobile" Ceremony Celebrates Masculine Bond

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The origins of Mardi Gras can be traced to Medieval Europe, though there are few records of how it transformed into the current festival and celebratory season we know today. But the origins of the modern Mardi Gras - with Kings, colors, wild parties and parades - are traced to New Orleans and the original French territories in what is now the southern US. Explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville, landed on a plot of ground 60 miles directly south of New Orleans in 1699 and called it "Pointe due Mardi Gras." He also established "Fort Louis de la Louisiane" (which is now Mobile) in 1702. In 1703, the tiny settlement of Fort Louis de la Mobile celebrated the very first Mardi Gras. In 1872 the colors we now associate with Mardi Gras - purple, green and gold - were introduced.

In 1704, in Mobile a secret male society was organized, called a Krewe (Crew) which came to be known as the "Masque de la Mobile". It was similar to the Mardi Gras Krewes of today, lasted until 1709 and reportedly had a mystically select number of only 16 members. Although the details are unknown, the "Masque de la Mobile" society is thought to have performed an all male ritual the Monday prior to Fat Tuesday of each year to re-dedicate their pledges of justice, faith and power, to re-call the magic of the brotherhood and re-affirm the creed of the society.

This male bonding ritual is a modern vision of the mysteries of the Masque celebrating brotherhood and virility at the time of Mardi Gras. It can be performed anywhere Mardi Gras is celebrated, on the eve of Fat Tuesday as a ritual for glorification of the Male Divine...

Men of the Circle
Krewe Master (The Brother who was named Acolyte from last season's ceremony)
Acolyte (The Brother who received the trinket prize from the King Seed Cake)

Items Needed:1 purple candle and holder
1 green candle and holder
1 gold candle and holder
1 black candle and holder
1 goblet (bowl or cup) for each man
1 chalice for group collection
1 bottle of cognac or sweet wine
1 center table covered in black leather
Chalk to form the Nemeton on the ground or floor
Purple, green, gold and black traditional bead necklaces for each participant
King Seed Cake

This ceremony is designed for dusk the Monday before Fat Tuesday (2011 March 7th Dusk Fat Tuesday March 8th)

The men of the Society arrive to the site masked and dressed in costumes that should convey their masculine qualities, characters types, desires or idealizations. The costumes may include leather, fetish, fantasy, period or historic, ethnic or mythological modalities. The man who was named Acolyte from the last season's ceremony hosts the event and serves as the Krewe Master. He will lead and conduct the ritual.

In keeping with the traditions of the society, it is best if the ceremony is performed with at least 16 men - the number thought to compose the original group - but it can be performed with as few as three or as many as 20 participants.

The Krewe Master greets each man upon arrival, libations are served with a ceremonial greeting toast given:

"Come Men, come join our Circle, the time is nye to fulfill our need,
Come Brothers, come join our Circle, the urge of man we here will heed"
The King Seed Cake is then served in celebration. The man who receives the penis trinket prize will be named the Acolyte for the ceremony (see Ritual Note below).

The rite may be performed indoors or outdoors and is to be conducted at dusk - the time when the unseen world crosses the great divide into the seen world. At this point, immergence occurs. The Krewe Master forms a Nemeton to welcome the ancient spirits and to keep out negative energies leaving an opening. Within the circle, a table is situated which holds the chalice surrounded by the beads and the goblets for each man. He then places the candles as such:

Purple Candle toward the East representing Justice to the Brethren,
Green Candle North representing Faith in the Society and Creed,
Gold Candle West representing Loyalty to the Brotherhood,
Black Candle South to represent the Magic of the Ancients

All participants collect around the outside of the nemeton. They then remove their costumes leaving them piled on the ground where they stand but must remain masked. They are then invited into the Nemeton by the Master when all are bare each receiving the greeting "Bénédictions de la Semence de l'Homme". The men enter through the opening in the chalk and will then stand evenly inside the circle naked but masked. Having undressed outside the circle, the men have formed a worldly circle with their stacked clothing and personal belongings - shedding the shallow trappings of the material and superficial. It is requested that the men abstain from ejaculation for at least three days prior to the ritual. The Krewe Master will then close the Nemeton with chalk and proceed to light each candle in succession East, North, West and ending with the South saying respectively:

“To the East we call and welcome the Ancients, who bless our tumescence as the wind whispers past secrets and caresses our arousal.” (Erection/Wind)

“To the North we call and welcome the Ancients, who bless our seed-filled testes which like the earth hold life's mysteries.” (Testes/Earth)

“To the West we call and welcome the Ancients, who bless our semen which like water is the liquid that gives life and the flow that nourishes our desire.” (Semen/Water)

“To the South we call and welcome the Ancient Ones, who bless our penises full of passion which like fire burn with lust inflamed as the instruments of our masculinity.”(Penis/Fire)

All participants then hold hands in unity allowing the energies of the "Ancients" to make their presences known. The men stand in silence, clear their minds while focusing on their sexual power and masculinity allowing the energies present to enter them. The Master then stands in front of the man in the eastern most position, strokes and massages his penis and testes saying:

“We beseech the Ancients to empower this man. On this night, foster in him deep desire and free his lust before his fellows. Fill his testes heavy with rich seed and make his penis as hard as eternal stone. Let his hunger grow and be fed by our actions here whereby he will know the power of the male divine. Amen and let it be so.”
The Master repeats this engagement with each man moving deosil until all have been thusly blessed. Each participant will then be given a goblet by the Acolyte which will be used to collect his semen.

The Master then says:

Oh great one of power and might,
Bless our energy with strength and light,
Rich seed, virility and passion in sight,
With thee we celebrate and consummate our rite,
We invoke thee! We invoke thee!

Our spirits gathered here to share their flame,
Bring forth rich issue from each we now proclaim,
Enrich our lives and bind us here without shame,
Let us release boldly yet gather our seed with aim,
We invoke thee! We invoke thee!
He then instructs the men, who are now thoroughly aroused, to masturbate using the chosen ways of self stimulation they desire. He emplores them to perform their masturbation as erotically (vocalizations, vigor, techniques) as possible in an effort to further enhance the arousal of the circle - feeling freedom to express themselves as deeply as they desire.

Upon orgasm, each man will ejaculate his seed into the goblet provided. When all have reached orgasm and the group masturbation is complete, each participant will place his middle finger in his semen and will turn to feed the portion to the man on his left and the man on his right. This action is repeated around the circle. The Master then comes to each man with Chalice in hand moving deosil and is fed in the same manner one by one. He will then present the Chalice to each participate who will pour their semen into it. When all men's semen is collected, the Master and Acolyte return to the center table. The Master sits the Chalice in the center of the beads. The Acolyte now, due to the special privilege granted him from the King Seed Cake prize, masturbates enthusiastically to completion into the Chalice. He then turns and masturbates the Master to orgasm catching his ejaculate in the Chalice. The Master will raise the collected issue of the men saying:

“We raise these sacrifices of Sacred Seed unto the Ancients asking that they be accepted as offerings of our male divinity, keeping the secrets of the Society of the Masque de la Mobile and affirming our creed to the brotherhood.”
The men will then recite the Creed saying:

We believe in the Male Divine
the progenator of eternity
We believe in the mysteries of the Ancients
whose secrets we are blessed to know
We believe in this brotherhood of men
as it bonds us in common purpose
We believe in the power of our seed
as it holds our true essence
We believe in the virile spirit of men
as it expresses our common unity
The Master will then pour the cognac in the Chalice and mix thoroughly for drinking. The Acolyte will then collect the gifting beads and accompany the Master to his right. Each participant kneels. The Master will then approach each man who is now referred to as Brother. The Brother will kiss the Master’s penis and scrotum. He then rises and drinks from the Chalice. The Acolyte comes forward kisses the Brother then places a purple, green, gold and black necklace in that order over his head as tokens of the ritual. This will continue until all have been served.

The Acolyte will then kneel and kiss the penis and scrotum of the Master. He arises and drinks of the Chalice. The Master will raise the Chalice to the East and then drinks its remaining liquid. He then says:

“We give thanks to the Ancients and seal our unity with them and one another as we 
are bound together in Male Divinity. We affirm to call each other Brethren. Long live the bond of Masque de la Mobile, our unity and creed".

The Acolyte starting with the East candle, will blow the flame out, then the North, West and South. All will bow their heads and stand silent as the Master says:

“We release the energies of the Ancients from our Sacred Circle.”
All Brethren will remain silent until released by the Master. The Master may allow 1 minute of introspection and will then raise his arms and say:

“Go ye brethren of the Masque trusting in your virile power and the divinity of our sex. Keep its strength in your being through the year until we join again. Be thou blessed and hold all those gathered here tonight in love and as your true brethren. Amen.”
The ritual is complete. Let the celebration of Mardi Gras begin through midnight Fat Tuesday!...


Ritual Note:

King Seed Cake information and Recipe:

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Patrick Kelley
DISCLAIMER: It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations to protocols may be necessary.

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