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Sole Brothers: Foot Worship Ceremony Honoring Njor...

Sole Brothers: Foot Worship Ceremony Honoring Njord - Patron Of Male Feet

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"the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a true work of art" - Leonardo Da Vinci

A source of fascination, adoration, obsession, intrigue and worship - the virtues of the foot have been extolled seemingly since mankind’s earliest expressions. Foot adoration appears to have been around in some form or another since ancient times.

Spiritual and erotic enthusiasm for feet is believed to potentially have a long lineage. The erotic aspects of the foot are diverse and while its worship often includes elements of submission and domination, it does not only encompass power concepts. Worship can also express appreciation and serve as a unique and deeply personal vehicle for bonding, a show of affection and sexual expression from one to another.

In mythology, sacred writings and within broad cultural beliefs, the foot stands in significance and stature. The Norse God Njord is recognized by some as the patron of the male foot. He was also known as a deity of fertility, virility and the sea. Njord can be honored with this ceremony which celebrates the anticipation of the return of temperate weather (the time over which he is associated) or serve as an initiation or special ritual for a Circle or group of men who practice sexual spirituality.

Njord's aspect of representing the male foot comes from the belief that he, a God who was known for his manly attributes yet not for classical physical beauty like Balder, in a twist of "fate (so to speak) was ceremoniously singled out for the actual perfection of his feet. The Aesir of the Nordic pantheon had killed the giantess Skadi's father and as an act of reparation she was allowed to choose a husband from among the Gods. She was to pick her new husband by judging only his feet. The Gods were concealed from view behind a screen and Skadi viewed the line up of manly feet. She came to a pair that were true specimens of pedal beauty - well formed, perfectly shaped, healthy. Assuming the god with the most beautiful feet would be the god known for the most masculine beauty - Balder, she was surprised to learn that she had instead picked Njord. It is said that Njord’s feet were extraordinary - a paragon of male foot perfection - resultant of all his time spent in the surf and sand - the salt water had kept his feet healthy and beautiful.

A lesson to be taken from the tale of Njord's feet corresponds to the notion that "a book should not be judged by its cover" underlying concepts of humility and acceptance. The ceremony involves ritualized erotic acts of adoration which include the smelling, worshipping, washing, oiling and consecration of the feet of the brethren. These are done in ways that are symbolic and meant to express afiliation, respect and enhance the group's sexual energy. They are intended to allow for unbridled expression and designed to invoke primal instincts and responses.

The event involves the selection of the "Fotr Mathr" or "Foot Man", (henceforth noted as the FM) a brother who will become the centerpiece of the ceremony. He will perform the acts ensuring pleasure to his brethren in honor of Njord.

Foot worshipping creates an erotic experience for both giver and receiver. Some men are known to evidence intense orgasms as a result of their feet being stimulated.

The man performing the worship actions receives gratification from witnessing the psycho-sexual pleasure of his brethren. He is himself is aroused while savoring the erotic smell and taste of the men's sweat and odor - full of pheromones which trigger sexual response and arousal. The scent produced has an aphrodisic-like effect on many men who report a "high" or euphoria upon smelling the sweat of the male foot and toes.

Next to the other oral expressions, foot worshipping has increasingly found its way into the sexo-spiritual lexicon as an experience which, as stated, represents varied elements such as bonding, humility, dominance, servitude, devotion and surrender.

The feet are, of course, very sensitive and sensual parts of the body. Some men have a more private feeling about them than they do even their genitals as we have not typically been programmed to see them or use them as objects of desire. So to give your feet over to another or take another's feet into your mouth or on your body can be a powerful exchange...

Items needed:A Circle of at least 5 no more than 10 men
A Room dividing Screen
2 large ceramic or wooden basins
2 medium, pourable recepticles for (spring or ocean) water and oil
A chair or stool for each man
1 separate chair
1 large oval or rectangular (Altar) table set lengthwise
Sea Salt
Warm water
Male-to-Male Pheromone Oil/Cernunnnos Oil/Nordic Oil*
Enough time to perform
*(See Ritual Notes below)

Steps for Ceremony:1) Selection of The Fotr Mathr
2) Ritual Adoration and Worship of The Feet
~ Olfactory Adoration (Smelling) of Footwear/Socks
~ Olfactory Adoration (Smelling) of The Feet
~ Oral/Manual Adoration (Worship) of the Feet
3) Ritual Bathing of The Feet
4) Ritual Oiling of The Feet
5) Consecration Of The Feet of The Fotr Mathr
6) Nourishment of The Circle


The Nemeton is created in a space with a clean floor (wood, vinyl, rubber or concrete). The large table is set lengthwise in the center and although it may be called an "Altar" it will only be used to hold the symbols and supplies necessary for the Ceremony and serve as placement for the FM later on. On this should be placed the 2 basins, the water receptacle, the oil receptacle and a bowl of sand and salt representing Njord's association with the Sea. Any foot-based symbols or charged items to help bring energy and erotic mindset to the ceremony may be added. Some brothers bring pairs of flip-flops, sweaty socks, heavily worn sneakers or leather boots which hold sexual/fetishistic significance for them.

The previous year's FM remains separated from the other brethren prior to beginning the ceremony. If this is the first time for the ceremony, the men of the Circle will have elected a brother to fulfill this role prior to beginning. The brethren are asked to have their feet groomed (not pedicure level but well clipped nails and any calloused areas pumiced) and to wear the same pair of socks for at least three days beforehand assuring they will be erotically/pheromonally charged, sweaty and full of odor. The socks should be worn to the gathering. After greetings, the brothers disrobe leaving their clothing in a pre-assigned area but will carry their socks, footwear and a towel with them to the Circle location. Each Brother selects his place and sits his footwear with socks secured inside (to assure their moisture and smell are preserved for later in the ceremony) to the left side and towel to the right.

ONE: The Selection Of The Fotr Mathr

The Circle leader asks the brethren to proceed behind the Screen which has been set so that only their feet will be visible.

The Leader calls forth the previous year's FM or elected brother naked into the space and he positions before the screen. This man is given the task of selecting the New FM who will serve for the ceremony. This selection is considered an honorary designation, identifies the man as having sexually appealing feet and will afford him an intense experience later in the ceremony. Of note is that the common unit of measure, the “foot,” is thought to have originated as a holy unit based on the length of a god’s pedal appendage. A god’s foot, believed to be the mortal ideal, was said to have the second toe longer than the first (known clinically as Morton's foot) - the second toe being considered the center of male powers.

The previous FM reviews all the men's feet not knowing to whom they belong, examines them, smells them (employing the use of primal olfactory instincts) and selects the pair he feels is the most appealing, etc. The man chosen will become the New FM. Upon selection, the new FM comes from behind the screen and walks with the previous FM to the center of the Nemeton where he then kneels and kisses his predecessor's feet. The other men then come from behind the screen and take their places next to their footwear and socks.

The Previous FM/Elected Brother then defines the Nemeton with the sand/sea salt mixtureand invokes Njord by saying/reading:

O Patron of the feet of man, will you hear us
Teach us the lesson learned at your betrothal
That which we believe may not be as it seems
and that beauty and desire often lie unbeknownst

O Njord with man's feet of strength and muscle
Teach us how that which is lowest may set us free
We gather here on our course of learning
In a place to bring pleasure through humility

O Patron when you touch the earth
With warm and loving sun rays
The feet of man are embraced in gold
Bring our searching desire to this place

O Njord send us sea waves of pleasure
Like silk and riches from the East
The ripe skin of the feet before us
Praised in supplication like a feast

O God of the feet please bring to us
Our lust is strong but you guide us
We are lost on our course to humility
Caught in a way of ignorance

O Njord bring us the way of bonding
By learning from our Brother's foot to feel
To breathe in the richness of it
And with mouth claim desire upon its heel

TWO: Ritual Adoration And Worship Of The Feet
The FM's goal is to provide the most stimulating and arousing foot worship possible to his brothers expressing his humility and raising the Circle's sexual energy. He begins when each Brother presents him with his footwear and socks. He will show appreciation for the smell of the Brother and then cermoniously worship the feet of each brother in the circle starting at the top (north) of the Nemeton moving Deosil.

The FM will repeat the following actions for each Brother employing the following techniques to assure maximum experience:

*will smell and deeply inhale the sweat and odor of the brother's socks, shoes and barefeet.
*will start oral worship by licking the Brother's big toes. Then repeats this action on each of the other toes moving from one foot to the other.
*will open his mouth wide and let the whole foot enter.

*will while the toes are in the mouth, lick the underside of them serving attention to the part where they meet the pad of the foot. 
*will indicate to the Brother that he is savoring the smell and taste of his feet/sweat.
*will employ the use of his tongue and saliva to bathe and lubricate the Brother's foot.
*will use his hands to touch the brother's soles and heel.
*will lick entire foot from tip of toes to heel.
*will use his mouth and tongue to orally massage the whole foot.
*will replicate the act of fellatio but on the Brother's toes treating them as he would his penis.
*will form a tight ring around each and suck with force.
*will lick and suck the Brother's heel with force. 

*will make his Brother's pleasure the utmost objective.
*will rise from the foot and kiss the respective Brother allowing him taste his sweat and smell himself before moving to the next.

The Circle should be aroused...

THREE: Ritual Foot Washing
The FM takes his place on the floor in the center of the Nemeton before the Table. One large basin will be used and is placed in front of him. A chair is placed on the other side of the bowl. The FM fills the bowl two thirds of the way with (preferably) hot water. Again moving Deosil, starting at the top/north the Brothers, one at a time, come forward, sit in the chair and place their feet in the basin. The FM will thoroughly wash the Brother's feet in a sensuous manner caressing them and then dry them upon completion.

FOUR: Ritual Foot Oiling and Massage:

He will then massage each Brother's feet with Male/Male Pheromone Oil (Cernunnos Oil or Nordic Oil may be used as well) in the following fashion:

*will cradle the foot in both hands and squeeze evenly
*will brush the foot lightly with fingertips to stimulate nerve endings
*will use thumbs rubbing in a circular motion using different strengths, depths and speeds
*will stretch the toes by slowly pushing all of them forward and then backward
*will stretch each individual toe
*will knead each foot with fingertips and knuckles
*will rotate entire foot at ankle

FOUR: The Consecration Of The Fotr Mathr's Feet

At this time the special honor that has been bestowed upon the FM becomes apparent in an act of unity and group erotic expression. During the previous ritual sequences, the Brethren have been aroused and all will be erect by this point having primed themselves slowly in "edged" fashion. It has now come time for their sexual energy to be released and the FM is the recepient of their adulation, stimulation and excitement. The FM says aloud:

His feet, Njord's handsome feet
That made Skadi's face aglow
When sight was cast upon his divine toes.

His feet, Njord's handsome feet
That amongst the other Man-Gods showed
Him to stand above them in beauty's throws.

His feet, Njord's handsome feet
That in strength showed virility
Whose symbolism fuels our revery.

His feet, Njord's handsome feet
That stand strong in gathering light
And urge the seed of lust to flight...

The water basin is replaced with the dry basin. The FM lays back on the table and with his feet oiled, raises them together in a receptive position. Each Brother comes forward starting from the top of the Nemeton moving again deosil, penetrates his feet and fucks them. Once each brother has been served and is ready to ejaculate, the FM will rise and position his feet over the dry basin. As each Brother reaches climax, he squats and ejaculates on the FM's feet. The Brethren will orgasm in sequence with the intent of bathing the FM's feet in communal semen. The FM, who is masturbating as well, reserves his orgasm until his Brothers have ejaculated. He will then cum and add his semen to that of his Brothers.

FIVE: The Nourishment of The Circle: 
The Brothers en masse then partake of the semen on the FM's feet, feeding from them. This act of group semen sharing and reciprocal worship of the FM's feet serves to bond the men. It also represents an affirmation of virility and the expression of the foot as a symbol of sexual power among the brotherhood. The annointing of the Fotr Mathr is complete.

The chosen Fotr Mathr retains this special honor until the next year's ceremony and is deemed "Foot Master" wherein he has authority over ceremonial, ritual or sexual functions which involve foot elements throughout the year...

Ritual submitted by: Djúr Atarax
Photos 2,3,5,6,9,10 & 12 courtesy: Stew-art
Foot Note: Photographer Stew-art who graciously shared some of his work with us here will do erotic nudes, sexual nudes, partial nudes, head shots, 1/2 shots, portraits, photos for online profiles (at correct size), etc. He can do whatever you order up!... E-mail for more info to 

Ritual Notes: Male-to-Male Pheromone Oils may be found at: 

DISCLAIMER: It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations to protocols may be necessary.

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