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Horse Play: Equirria Ceremony Honors Mars And Cele...

Horse Play: Equirria Ceremony Honors Mars And Celebrates The Stallion

"Mars is lust, drive and passion. Mars burns for things. Equirria is a celebration of masculinity" ~ C. Joyce

"I come to thee, On a stallion shod with fire; And the winds are left behind In the speed of my desire.”
~ Bayard Taylor

The Equirria (Festival of Mars) were holy days/celebrations for Mars, God of war and lust - February 27th and March 14th - with religious and military significance at either end of the new year. The Roman state placed great emphasis on appeasing Mars - to seek his favor, to support the army, impart strength and virilty to the men of the nation (as needed in war and procreation) and to boost public morale. Priests performed rites purifying of the army. Celebrants held horse races on the Campius Martius (Field of Mars).

The day before the first full moon (March 14) of the old Roman year was the second of the two festival days. The festival was established by Romulus himself in the early days of Rome. In the modern world, attending a horse racing event would an appropriate observation but here a more intense celebration is suggested.

The name Equirria derives from the phrase equorum cursus, “the running of horses,” referring to the main event of racing. The festival may have begun as a competitive event involving the war-horses of the Roman cavalry; both days are tied to the Old New Year’s celebrations and the beginning of the season for military operations.

On the Second Equirria, Mars Pater is celebrated. It recognizes the masculine aspects of the military and the potency embodied by the vital horse. Soldiers or military among you or to whom your men are connected may be represented for their manly attributes. The strength of the stallion is celebrated whereby Mars is invoked to instill the prowess and might of the divine creature ensuring a year of virility/fertility.

Salve libidinis militum!!!
Pater Mars (elected by the brethren)
2 Equine Men (may be the largest and longest of the group)
Circle of Celebrants (5 -10 men)
(Note: The men who will portray Mars and the Equines may be those who have birthdays or special commemorations in the month of March. They would be elected/selected by the group or process before the ceremony as desired).Items Needed:
Censor or Burner
Libum - Rice or Oat Cakes (cheese flavored preferred)
Platter for Libum
Red Wine
Wine Receptacle 

2 Wooden bowls 
1 Large Wooden Basin
Altar (table - marble/Stone desired)
1 pillar (stand)
White Robe/Toga for Pontifex
Red Cloak for Mars
Centurion Helmet For Mars
Laurel fior winning Equine
Red and Black Chips in equal amounts
Optional for Equines: (depending on resources or dramatic intent)
2 Horse masks/hoods
2 bit gags
2 bridles
2 horse tail (anal plugs) – one red and one black
2 pair horse pony boots (for hands)
2 pair leather pony boots (for feet)
Military and Equine Paraphernalia
Pony/Leather/BDSM garb

Ceremony may be held on either February 27 and/or March 14 – days of the first and second Equirria. The Brethren may arrive to the ceremony dressed in military, Roman, equestrian, equine-inspired leather/bondage garb, etc. Anyone with a military background is welcomed to attend honor dressed if desired. Upon arrival each man will be given either a red or a black wooden chip.

The Pontifex will perform the ritual...

1) PRAEFATIO: The Pontifex initiates the ceremony by lighting incense in the focus of the altar (censor) and saying:

Father Mars (Mars Pater)
By offering this incense to you
We pray good prayers so
That you may be benevolent and propitious
To the brethren of our meet,
To every soldier serving in armies,
As well as to every soldier who has served in armies,
To us and our households.
The Pontifex pours the wine into the Chalice at the altar saying:

Father Mars,
as by offering to you the incense,
We have well prayed good prayers,
for the very same reason,
be thou blessed by this sacrificial wine

2) SACRIFICIUM I : The Pontifex now instructs the men to disrobe. A place may be provided nearby to house their clothing if desired. The Pontifex picks up the Helmet and calls forth Mars (representation) - who enters naked except for the Red cloak (and sandals or boots) and the two Equines (representations - see garb information below) saying:

Father Mars,
To you it is proper for a cup of wine to be given,
For you with this sign of the victorious we crown
For the spirits of our brethren may you be blessed
by this offering

The helmet is placed on Mars head

3) PRECATIO: The Pontifex says:

Father Mars,
Whose strong stallions move the chariot of time
To bring to us the month of March,
We ask and beseech of you,
We pray and compel of you
That you may grant
The fortitude and might,
The strength, virility and longevity,
The great power and potency,
The urge for ready action
Of your great Stallions
Who are true symbols the divine masculine power
So that you may be benevolent and gracious
To the brethren of our meet,
To every soldier of the armies,
To us and our loins.
The Pontifex now calls on the two “Equines”. They are naked (except for the “horse” trappings if desired – either the horse masks or each with a bit/bridle) and position facing each other in front of Mars on either side. One man wears the red tail and the other wears the black tail. The men who were given a red chip position near the Equine with the red tail and the men with black chips position with the Equine with the black tail. The Pontifex brings each team one of the wooden bowls. The Pontifex then compels the men to begin, upon his command “The Race”.

The actions become the symbolic horse race of the Equirria. Each team is to “race” their Equine to orgasm by whatever means they choose – little is off limits. They all may masturbate him, stimulate his body and fellate him in rotating fashion taking turns. The men are encouraged to become aroused and may masturbate but their attentions should remain focused on the service of the Equine. All actions are performed with the goal to make him orgasm the largest amount of semen possible. They may employ manipulation of the tail plugs to further stimulate his prostate assisting them in milking as much semen as possible from him. As the Equines begin to reach orgasm, the members of their team assure that the wooden bowl is readied to capture his issue. The Equine who ejaculates the most copious amount of semen will be considered the winner of the race which will assure him a further honor.

When each man has climaxed and the winner has been declared, the Pontifex holds up the semen of the victor and then places the laurel on his head saying:

So thus it came from Equus,
The rich issue of strength and power,
A signpost of great Father Mars
The Stallion’s sacrificial shower
4) SACRIFICIUM II : The Pontifex takes the larger basin and places it on the centerpiece pillar as the men, continuing to masturbate, gather around it. He pours the collected semen from the Equine bowls into it.

The winning Equine will then, given the privilege due his accomplishment, orally service Mars. He is brought forth by the Pontifex and is compelled to perform fellatio on him ultimately bringing him to orgasm while all other participants now masturbate. The Pontifex says:

Mars has urged on his swift horses,
On this day of great Equirria,
The race was witnessed by God and man,
Mars now takes his pleasure here,
And urges us to lustful communion,
Blessing the seed of all gathered near.

The men will all join in group masturbation entertaining Mars and pleasuring themselves and each other while the winning Equine continues his oral pursuit. The Equine must not make Mars climax until all the men have reached orgasm and ejaculated into the center basin. One by one the men will orgasm filling the basin with their semen. When the last man ejaculates, The Equine will increase intensely the gain the orgasm of Mars. When Mars is ready to climax, the equine withdraws his mouth but retains stimulation as the Pontifex moves forward with plattered libum in hand. Mars will consecrate the bread by ejaculation. The Pontifex will lift chalice and the libum saying:

For all these reasons, bless us Father Mars
We offer this bounteous seed,
We partake of thy bounteous seed to honor you
We offer this consecrated libum
We partake of this consecrated libum to honor you,
We offer this rich wine,
We partake of this rich wine to honor you,
We offer this aromatic incense
We burn this incense to honor you,
Be benevolent and gracious to us
Instill within us thy gifts of power, strength and lust

As the Equines join the men, The Pontifex offers the seed-coated libum and wine to Mars. Mars takes a portion of the libum and partakes of the wine thus receiving the sacrifice. The Pontifex then brings the libum to the basin and each man including the Equines take a portion and dip it in the combined semen of the basin, then partake. When all have received seed-libum, the Pontifex brings the Chalice forth and it passed among them.

5) REDDITIO: When all have received, The Pontifex says:

Father Mars,
Who has observed our honors today by
The race commemorating the Equirria,
You have been blessed by this feast offering,
Of seed and bread
You have been blessed by the sacrificial wine
We have been blessed with this feast offering
Of seed and bread
We have been blessed with this sacrificial wine
The celebration is ended as the Pontifex says:

Mars Gloria!!! Vade in pace amor et libido 

The participants are free to feast or celebrate socially as desired...

Submitted by: Neximus

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