Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A revival?

It is sometimes strange to Me how the universe works. The hardest lesson of all is to let go and let it do its work so that We as Men can benefit. Yes, We can always assist it or battle against it, but it will ultimately drive us.

That being said, there has been a resurgent interest in the group reforming. I had tried to reform it last year to little success as most of the men interested all wanted it to be some sexual hoorah and party scene with little interest in the divine aspect of Our masculinity.

Yet, this past weekend, an individual showed great interest. While bouncing emails back and forth, We found that We view the sacred in the same way, a growth opportunity for the pagan, a bonding of Men, and NOT completely focused on "getting off".

Recently, a bi pagan has also come into My circle with His pantheon and practices which would be very complimentary as well. I mentioned the group, He read the rituals and is interested as well as being dedicated to assisting Me with the formation and management of a new group.

Two in one week? Did the universe need to shout? It amuses Me when things fall into place like that. So if the "email buddy" turns out to be truly interested after our in depth discussion, hopefully this Friday, then that's 3, the trinity and a good way to start. Here's hoping as Los Angeles truly needs a brotherhood/pagan group with a focus on open spirituality, open sharing and growth...