Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phases of Brotherhood

Three phases of Brotherhood currently exist depending on a Brother's involvement in the circle. Social Brother, Bound Brother, and Seed Brother.

Social Brothers are all members who attend the social events. Attending events on a regular basis and enjoying the time spent among fellow men, a Social Brother is supportive, non-judgemental and is always willing to help out his brethren.

Bound Brothers are members who attend the Bonding events on a regular basis. Comfortable in their own skin, and fond of nudity as well as spending time with their Brothers nude and jerking off, and understanding their virile natures, a Bound Brother is gifted with the symbol of the Circle and are on a greater path of understanding their own sexuality and spirituality. Bringing all things into balance within themselves is their ultimate goal.

Seed Brothers are those that attend the ritual events. Sharing their essence with their Brothers, comfortable with their masculinity and very sexual creatures, they express their spirituality through ritual devotion, alone and as part of a group. Balancing all aspects of manliness, their strength of character, release of inhibitions, exemplary virile natures, and willing to aid others, Seed Brothers are devoted to their path and the path of their Brethren.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Symbol of the Circle of Hernes

The symbol of our Brotherhood can be broken into three main parts. The circle, the triskele, and the horns. Each has it's own representation and many meanings across the globe. Our choice in these was very purposefully done.

The Circle. Our Brotherhood is a group, all encompassing and striving to incorporate all men who wish to join. A circle, having no end and no beginning is perpetual. As long as the human race is around, men will be there and will always share a great bond with their fellow man. A circle, having no point, is equal in all things as we strive to be one with our brothers and equal to all. We have no ranks or titles other than Brother.

The Triskele. Most commonly used as a symbol for three phases, it has also been used historically as the three phases of manhood. Child, Man and Graybeard. The child is one who is learning the ways of man and growing into his body, his virility, his power and his spirituality. The man is one who has reached that phase yet is still developing those things and is a strong, masculine, virile creature. The graybeard, no less a man but with the wisdom of years and ages past, he is the councilor and teacher of younger men.

The horns or antlers. As our namesake, Hernes was a great hunter who, to survive a fatal wound, had attached the horns of his last kill. Giving him a second lease on life, it also removed him from the court where he served and returned him to his more animalistic nature. Many of the Masculine divines were horned and connected to their deep desires and virility.

Combined, the symbols are representative of our focus. To be strong, virile and spiritual men, well balanced and part of a greater brotherhood. To be equal to our contemporaries and constantly growing, and teaching the lessons we've learned.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ritual Across Faiths

Ritual. One of those words that stirs many emotions depending on who hears it. Often misunderstood and vilified by some, ritual is a common practice among nearly all faiths, just by a different name. Ritual at its core is a process to focusing the mind and intent. Some would call it prayer, some communion, some would call it casting and some would call it meditation.

The purpose behind any ritual is to take our minds away from the day to day trials, hardships, stress and distractions so that we may focus on one particular intent. Whether that be to commune with a higher power, to focus our own minds, or to share the energies of those around us, ritual helps us to shrug off the negative and focus on the positive in life.

So the next time you kneel to pray, receive holy communion, cast a bit of magick, or meditate on inner peace, realize that the world over, people are attempting to do the same thing, just calling it something else. Understanding that is the first step to acceptance to another person's faith and spiritual practice. What you believe holds true for you, just as what they believe holds true for them.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to the Circle

The Circle of Hernes is a group of like minded men, based in and around the Los Angeles area. Not following one particular pagan belief, but incorporating the spiritualism of all, we practice the connection to the Masculine Divines through erotic energy. It's a circle of men devoted to brotherhood, masculinity, virility, spiritualism, and personal growth.

Throughout history, sexual energy has been harnessed to effect the lives of practitioners and the world around us. Celebrations on the holy sabbats included parties, drinking and pleasureable release. In Wicca, the Great Rite marries the Masculine and the Feminine sexual energies to accomplish great tasks. Followers of Bacchus and Dionysus celebrate and cavort in wild abandon. The Epona worshippers of Rome held rituals of brotherhood including mutual masturbation. Modern day "religions" would teach these to be wrong, but we don't follow modern "religion". We, as brothers, celebrate our masculinity, our virility, our desires and use all of them to grow, learn and reach true bonding.

Sexo-spiritualism harnesses the sexual energy of our bodies, shares it with our brothers and sends it out to effect positive change. Brothers are from all walks of life but hold true to the tenants of the Circle.