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Seed Of The Oak King: Winter Solstice/Yule Group C...

Seed Of The Oak King: Winter Solstice/Yule Group Ceremony

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Yule is the time of the Winter Solstice. It's a time to say goodbye to the old, and welcome the new. As the sun returns to the earth, life begins once more -- it's a time to bid the Holly King farewell, and invite the Oak King - and the strength of his seed - back into our lives.

The Circle of Men celebrates Yuletide and the gathering is held around an evergreen tree - that has been potentially decorated with phallic symbols and emblems of the season. It represents continuity, rebirth and virility and should be placed near the north side of your altar. Cover the altar with a brown or black leather altar cloth if possible and in the center place three white candles in individual candleholders, a wooden ceremonial bowl and a wreath/crown headdress made of oak leaves.

The oldest male present should take on the role of Yule Priest to lead the ceremony. In our setting he wears a green robe. From the other men of the Circle - someone previously elected by brethren - typically a younger man who may be rewarded with special honor by the group - (can be a "twink-type" male of your circle ) should represent the aspect of the Oak King. A maturer man will represent the Father (can be a "bear-type" male of your circle) and a third (can be a "daddy-type" male of your circle) older man the Holly King.

The Oak King wears a white or cream (semen) colored robe. He stands to the east. The Father wears a red robe and stands to the south. The Holly King dresses in a black robe with a holly wreath crown taking his place to the west of the altar. Each holds one of the three white candles.

If you normally cast a circle, do so now. The Yule Priest then says:

It is the season of the Holly King, the time of the winter.
Tonight we celebrate the festival of the winter solstice,
the rebirth of the Sun, and the return of light to the Earth.
As the Wheel of the Year turns once more,
we honor the eternal cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

The Holly King's candle is lit by the Yule Priest. He then turns to the Father and lights the Father's candle. Finally, the Father lights the candle held by the Oak King. The Yule Priest then says:

O Holly King, the Wheel has turned once more.
It is time for the Oak one to claim what is now his.
As you lie down for the winter, he is born once again.

The Father removes the holly wreath headdress from the Holly King's head and hands it to the Yule Priest. The Priest places it at the altar where it takes the place of the oak leaf headdress which is then given to the Father who then places it on the Oak King's head while the Holly King says:

The days will now get longer, now the Sun has returned.
My season has ended, yet the season of the Oak Lord begins.
Listen to the wisdom of those who have come before you,
and yet be wise enough to make your own way.

The Oak King then says:

Now at the depth of winter is the waning of the year over, and the reign of the Holly King is finished. The sun is reborn, and the waxing year begins anew. My brother - the Holly King - is now dead and has left us to rest in Caer Arianrhod, the Castle of the Silver Wheel, until the Summer Solstice when he shall return to rule again. We thank him for the wisdom of his time, and for seeing the season through to its end. You have stepped aside that the new season may begin, and for this we give you honor. May the Wheel of the Year continue to turn, the seasons continue to change, and the sun always be with us. So Mote It Be!

The Yule Master once again takes over and says:

All changes as new life is born,
and the dead fades away, back into the earth.
The Wheel of the Year turns once more,
ever changing, and yet always constant,
as the cycle continues once more.
O Great One of Winter, cast your eyes upon us this night,
as the solstice approaches.
Grant us love, wisdom, strength, and peace,
and blessings upon the Earth.

At this time, the Oak King disrobes standing before the Circle. The Yule Priest invites the brothers of the Circle to come forth and lovingly stroke the Oak King's penis and testicles one by one urging him to full erection. While this is occuring, the Holly King and Father disrobe. Upon his complete arousal - the Holly King and Father stimulate the Oak King's penis and testicles masturbating and fellating him until he indicates he is reaching orgasm. The Yule Priest comes forward and captures the Oak King's semen upon ejaculation in the ceremonial wooden bowl as an offering. The Yule Priest places the bowl of the Oak King's semen at the altar and instructs others to come forth and leave any offerings to be placed as well. If the ritual is done outdoors, the semen-filled wooden bowl and other offerings may be put in a fire. The Yule Priest concludes the rite by saying:

We make these offerings tonight,
to show our love to you, Great One.
Please accept our gifts, and know that
we are entering this new season with joy in our hearts
and thy gift of virile strength in our loins.

All brethren should take a few moments to meditate upon the time of the season. Noting that although winter is here, fertile seed, like the Oak King, is ready to cum forth once again...

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