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Seven Orgasms For Saturnalia: Daily Erotic Observa...

Seven Orgasms For Saturnalia: Daily Erotic Observations

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These are solitary observations recognizing each of the seven days (for the seven rings) of Saturnalia. The tradition of experiencing that which may not be common is inherent in the observation of this festival time. These self-explorations attempt to bring men awareness of all their erotic centers. Through masturbation, the solo-sexual focus is different for each day beginning on December 17 and running through December 23.

Bathe and groom before starting each session. Do not use items such as deodorant, grooming or toiletry items, etc. at this time..

Say before each session:

Behold the gifts of Saturn!
Behold how pleasure can transform,
And make us see how our blessed parts,
May produce the fruit that satisfies our hearts,
I come now to taste the fragrant fruit...

Behold the gifts of Saturn!
I partake of each pleasure first myself, then for others,
To share my special gifts with my mates and brothers,
For that's the way of Saturn's Golden Age,
It changes ways and frees the slave from the cage,

Let me enjoy thy pleasure till my desire is slaked.
I promise to honor thee with the seed my lust maked,
Behold the gifts of Saturn!

Your self stimulation and masturbation session should focus on the particular as a part of the whole. Stretch your usual routine to relish and "worship" each body part - exploring and challenging yourself. Proceed forth into a full masturbation session for as long as you wish to fully express yourself but focusing on the particular erogenous area for that day. Take as long and employ whatever methods you choose to achieve the self awareness necessary to reach a powerful orgasm.

The 7-day sequence is as follows:

Dec 17: Mouth - Wash mouth assuring it is clean. Rub, probe, taste, bite and otherwise
stimulate your mouth during masturbation. Mark mouth with semen upon ejaculation - tasting and swallowing as desired - kiss the door of your abode as a gift then leave remainder untouched on mouth as long as possible afterwards.

Dec 18: Hands - Manicure and groom. Massage, lick, suck fingers, include specific attention and concentration on hands - taking note of their look, strength, muscles, tendons and allure while stroking your penis - during masturbation. After ejaculation completely cover hands by coating with semen - mark an important wall in your abode with a semen handprint as a gift - leave semen untouched remaining on your hands to dry as long as possible afterwards.

Dec 19: Feet - Pedicure and groom. Massage, lick, suck, include foot worship/adoration focusing on - their look, strength, smell, muscles, tendons, shape, size, allure - during masturbation. After ejaculation completely cover feet with semen - leave a semen-coated footprint on the floor of your abode - leave semen untouched remaining on your feet to dry afterwards.

Dec 20: Nipples - Massage, stimulate (mechanically or with devices if desired) - focusing on their look, texture, color, sensation - including full nipple play during masturbation. After ejaculation coat nipples completely by massaging them completely with semen - leave semen untouched on your nipples to dry afterwards.

Dec 21: Anus -(the 21st is Solstice/Yule) Groom and wash (as customary and shave if desired) respecting the enlightenment that is received from within the democratic power of the anus - the core of man. Massage, probe the rings, dildo or manually stimulate anus fully focusing on its warmth, sensitivity, pleasure-giving power - during masturbation. After ejaculation coat anus and surrounding perineal area with semen including probing it inside your hole - leave semen untouched in and on your anus to dry afterwards.

Dec 22: Testicles - Groom (shave if desired). Massage, rub, stretch, tease - focusing on their unique shape, sensitivity, semen-filled potential (visualize the semen churning inside) - and otherwise fully stimulate during masturbation. After ejaculation coat scrotum completely with semen - leave semen untouched on your scrotum to dry afterwards.

Dec 23: Penis - Groom (trim hair if desired). Rub, massage and provide specific or special attention and intense stimulation to your penis - focus on its hardness, veins, throbbing. Pay special attention to your glans and meatus - during session. Employ different methods or devices. After ejaculation coat penis with semen completely glans to base - leave semen untouched on your penis to dry afterwards .

Upon completion of each session the celebrant says:

"May we always know thy pleasure to share."
"For we always hunger for more!"
"Bona Saturnalia!"
It is desired to proceed through the rest of each day or night with your semen remaining on your person as described. The smell of dried semen is a tremendous aphrodisiac to many men. Go to work with the remains of your cum on your chest or feet. Go out to the pub with its essence remaining on your hands and lips or emanating from your crotch. Its pheromones should permeate you radiating outward for others to sense. If so and others are drawn to you - greet all cummers with "Bona Saturnalia!"...


Submitted by: Ciaran Oz
Bottom image courtesy: jim1383

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