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Solitary Celebration: Simple Male Ritual For "Litt...

Solitary Celebration: Simple Male Ritual For "Little Yule"

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This is a solitary experience recognizing "Little Yule" - the sharing of light that marks the beginning of the Yule season. The tradition of putting candles in windows to welcome holiday travelers comes from this time. However, this celebration enables men to bring light forth from the erotic core of themselves, affording Cernunnos' gifts of pleasure, peace and virility in preparation for a happy Yule...

Materials Needed:
* Dirt from the land you live on (to represent the Earth)
* A candle (bright yellow to represent fire, and the sun)
* Flask of water (to represent the liquid of life)
* Incense (to represent air. Any scent you feel is appropriate will do but one that is of the season is desired)
* A small evergreen branch to identify the season and symbolize the eternal
* A beautiful, special wooden bowl
* A small flask of pure, mineral oil
* A small offering to the Reborn Cernunnos - a piece of cloth made from natural fiber - cotton, wool, linen, silk - which has been previously stained/marked with your semen
* A quiet ritual space where you will not be disturbed

Additional materials, such as pinecones, antlers, pieces of leather, cockrings, an article of clothing marked with your genital scent (your crotch sweat - full of pheromones) to identify you, flowers, phallic symbols, holly, etc. are to be added to the ritual space to create a composite seasonal and erotic tableau. It is up to the individual to choose items which are special or significant. Some brothers may have many things around them, that have special meaning, but this is meant to be a very, simple ritual.

The elements and materials are to be set forth on a small table, a tree stump (a good choice) or the ground. Cover the area with a cloth that you only use for ritual to help put you in the right frame of mind. It should be one that also has been stained and consecrated with semen (yours, that of brethren or both) - reinforcing the presence of life as well as marking and scenting the space with the aroma and essence of man seed. Place on your surface the Earth element in the North, the Air in the East, the Fire in the South and the Water in the East. Try to place them so that you can reach each of them easily from one position. Ceremoniously and conciously disrobe baring your body before the space and elements then begin as so...

Light the Fire candle and meditate on what Yule means to you.

After meditating, pick up the bowl of Dirt and say, “I am of this Earth, forever linked to the Gods.” Draw a circle pierced by an arrow pointing upward in the dirt. Replace.

Next pick up the Incense, with it say, “This is the breath of the Gods, which gives me life.” Replace.

Picking up the candle, say, “This is the Flame that warms our heart, just as the love of Cernunnos warms our souls.” Replace.

Pick up the Water and say, “This the ever-changing waters that nourishes life, without which we would not be.” Replace. 

Pick up the gift and say "This is the gift of my essence by which promise is made to receive your strength and go forth in peace".

Chant:O cum of the winter night and fill our souls with dreams of light
O cum through the falling snow and bring us your fertile seed for us to know
O cum for the sleeping man and bring him new life and lust from Summerland
I stand between The Light and Dark waiting for thy blessed spunk - the newborn spark

Next take the evergreen branch and rub it against your increasingly aroused penis and on/against your testicles/scrotum. Next, rub, massage, prime your penis and testicles with the mineral oil to full, maximum erection - working to assure you become as intensely hard as possible. Proceed forth into a full masturbation session - in whatever is your special way and for as long as you wish to fully express yourself including extended "edging/priming" if that is your desire or way all the time using the oil. As you masturbate during your session, think on the rebirth, and the lengthening days that follow the Winter Solstice and the importance of the churning semen in your testicles (which you are preparing to spill) as the seed of Cernunnos. During your session, taste your pre-cum - the delicious nectar-gift - at least once, more as possible. Say from your heart what is your desire at this time. Take as long and employ whatever methods you choose to assure that you achieve a maximum-level orgasm. Upon ejaculation, capture your semen working (depending on how you shoot) to get as much as possible into the special wooden bowl.

Next, take the offering you are giving - the bowl filled with your cum - up in your hands, hold it to the sky and say, “This is my gift to you, for you have given many gifts to me. This symbolizes my pledge to you.” Then hold the offering to the ground and say "I offer my fresh seed to warm the way for thee, feeding thy rebirth as you fill me with strength and desire".

Now for the closing of your ritual. Take up the Earth again, saying, “Thank you for watching over my rite.” Pour the dirt back onto the ground. Say the "thank you" for each of the elements. Pour the water out onto the ground as well. Take the gift, set it afire with the candle and let it burn to completion on the ground. Take your semen offering, first drinking a portion of it from the bowl re-nourishing yourself with Cernunnos' seed and then pour the remainder on the soil (preferably surrounding a favored tree or plant near the roots). Place the incense over the whole offering, and leave it to burn itself out. Take the candle and place in a window. Let it burn all the way out. (Be safe.)

Spend the rest of your time aware of the significance of the day. This ritual represents a living, vibrant way, always growing and expanding. Blessed Be...

Submitted by: Draedus
Bottom image courtesy: Denis

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