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Pan-Sexual: Festivals for the Horned God

Pan-Sexual: Festivals For The Horned God

This week celebrates Feasts of the Horned God - Cernunnos/Herne (as antlered) in Celtic tradition and Faunus/Pan (as goat-horned) in Graeco/Roman tradition. Interconnected observations of the Horned God in his multi-manifestations may occur for many who claim him as their patron. The Horned One is known as the primeval God of male sexual vitality. In Celtic tradition Cernunnos is/was feasted on 18 May where virility was celebrated among men. In Graeco-Roman culture the week-long festival of Faunus/Pan, called “Panalia” by some sources occurred.

In ancient times, these festivities were a paean to male sexuality at its best. Arcane historical references claim that men celebrated by dancing nude, sometimes while wearing gigantic, stuffed or specially fashioned phalluses for emphasis. They were said to have engaged in a variety of sexual activities - including masturbation (with abandon) because Pan was the God of the act and a full range of androphilic (male/male) pleasures as the emphasis was on the masculine aspect. Ithyphallic (erect) statues were especially popular.

These events are further evidence of what has lyrically been called the "lusty month of May" which starts with the fests of Beltane, May Day and others. The phallic celebrations of the Panic feasts correlate in contemporary times with designations of May as "Masturbation Month" and other lusty associations for this time of year. It is likely that this has been influenced by more than merely the good-natured intentions of few instigators in the adult-oriented industries, although they may likely have known of the month's sexual connections.

With the full Moon in Scorpio which is opposite the Sun in Taurus. The month potentially owes some of its sensuousness to the Moon in the sign that rules sexuality, at the same time that the Sun is in the sign ruled by Venus. Alchemically and esoterically, the Scorpionic power of rebirth and transformation, beginning at the Full Moon, combines with the earthy tenacity and drive of Taurus and the sheer beauty of Venus to lend this season its uncommon juice, stamina and eroticism.

The emphasis during this time was/is the manly element in life - relationships of brotherhood, celebration of fertility, sexuality, prowess, the joy of the male organs and their issue and bonding wherein the Horned One is recognized as a protector of men, an instiller of potency and the progenitor of the masculine divine through life…

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