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Sacred Stimulation

Sacred Stimulation: Spreagadh Cernunnos

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The ceremony called the "Stimulation Of Cernunnos" or "Spreagadh Cernunnos" is used as an initiation or gifting event. It may also be called "Cernunnos Stimulatos". Shared here is the physical part of the ceremony which may be performed in addition to any formal ritual.

The ceremony is facilitated by the Spreagadh (Stim) Master. The initiate is placed spread on a suspension (such as a sling) which when fixed represents man’s desired place in the universe - centered in balance. The use of this device also is intended to allow full access to the initiates body as needed to perform the physical parts of the ceremony. His placement may require light restraints to assist with secure positioning. Members of the circle (10 brothers are required) are positioned at the initiates erogenous centers thusly:

One at each of his hands
One at his mouth
One at each of his nipples
One at his penis
One at his testicles/scrotum
One at his anus
One at each of his feet

*Those at his hands may either orally stimulate them or offer their penises to his hands for stroking or both alternately
*The one at his mouth stimulates it orally/manually/other
*Those at his nipples stimulate them orally/manually
*There are three brethren at the center of his body symbolizing the triad in form and are responsible for the highest stimulation. The Master is located at his penis. The next two most experienced are located one on his scrotum and one at his anus.
- the penis is stimulated orally/manually
- the testicles/scrotum are stimulated orally/manually
- the anus is stimulated orally/manually
*Those at his feet stimulate them orally/manually

Once commenced, all brethren proceed to stimulate the seeker simultaneously building in intensity over an extended period. The Circle's efforts are intended to ultimately bring the initiates arousal to such a ‘nirvanal’ state as to produce a level of orgasm so deep, the initiate will be bonded uniquely to the brethren who have facilitated this great gift him - the orgasm of Cernunnos. The intent is to "edge" him to an almost “unbearable” point thus symbolically forcing him to endure then reach “petit morte” (as it were) thus being reborn through orgasm in Cernunnos.

Upon the initiate's orgasm, The Master receives his semen in mouth then orally feeds it to each of the brethren of the circle thereby nourishing them all with his seed. It is desired that each of the brethren then ingest the initiate’s semen thereby eternally “seed bonding’ them with the new brother wherein his essence becomes a part of them.

For circles that cannot or do not support ingestion the Master may capture the semen in his left hand. He should smell it to show respect for its potency, then with his middle left finger mark his face with the it. He then proceeds to present the semen to the brethren one by one who smell it and are then marked in the same fashion by the Master thereby seeding them with the essence of the new brother and thus that of Cernunnos...

Submitted by: Draedus

DISCLAIMER: It is known that the internalization/ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. As with all rituals posted here, individual considerations are to be employed and alterations to protocols may be necessary.

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