Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The ebb and flow

One of the last posts was about how I was approached by a few people in a short time to reestablish the group. I have stayed in contact with both of those individuals. We had a great ceremony together. But schedules conflicted and got in the way, I moved, started a new business and started to reestablish myself in my new community.

A pagan man can only go so long without a spiritual outlet!!! I have been working on compiling my Book of Hernes. It's a collection of rituals, some here, some new, and some reference materials I like to keep track of. The signatures are printed and ready to be bound in a great piece of leather. Leather that has sacred seed seeped into it. A perfect compliment to the contents of the book. Each step of the binding process brings me closer to my own path, one of teaching, guiding and helping break down walls. I have tried to find other groups online that share some of my interests. Though I have found some phallic worshippers, some gay satanists and some seed worshippers, I have yet to find a like minded group that blends like the Circle always did.

The Circle of Hernes is about opening doors to our inner, sexual selves. It's about pagan worship and practice, living every day to its fullest. It's not satanism, wiccan, pagan, druidry, christian, jewish, catholic, muslim or hindu. And yet it is all of those. It's an understanding that all beliefs have a place in the world. It's about Brotherhood with all men, regardless of age, race, creed, body, or orientation. It is DEFINITELY a bit discomforting for those who lead their lives in fear of societal retribution.

The Circle is not one gigantic, disease filled orgy. Steps are always taken to create a safer environment. However, we must recognize we have brethren that are affected by HIV. Should we eliminate their chance of worshipping with us? GODS NO! They deserve our compassion, our trust and our energy to help them along just like we need their experience, energy and knowledge to assist us.

So in effect, I am working on rebuilding a circle in my new location. Happy thoughts to all. Please contact me if interested in forming your own circle. I've done it a few times over as everyone can tell by my posts. LOL

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